Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relay for Life..

Whats been keeping me busy...

Winning the tittle of Miss Universe Malaysia is no free ride, my crowning was just step one - as Andrea put it(this is only the beginning) and she was right - Charity shows, appearances, shoots, interviews, beauty regiment as well as Miss Universe training I've been up and about testing life on this new ground. A little recap of some of the things I've been up to,

Relay for Life - National Cancer society

Every year the National Cancer society holds a relay for build awareness, remember and honour those who have passed as well as lending support and encouragement to those currently suffering this lethal sickness. Cancer and Tumours run in my family so this cause hits close to home. I myself have lost family as well as seen some fight courageously though it and now live to tell their story.

Dato Yasmin Yusuff who lost a dear friend to cancer decided 2 years ago to start a new concept - celebrities give back to help raise money and awareness for this cause. She invited me to join this year and i couldn't be happier, so off i went with my parents in tow to the bukit jalil stadium - now bear in mind it was the open field and it had rained cats and dogs the entire day, by the time i got there i was greeted with mud mud and more mud. lol. My mother being a clean/neat freak was trying to tippy toe her way across the field, i don't need to say she was unsuccessful sucumming my dad and i to fits of laughter.

we sold souvenirs , blinking lights of all sorts and a small fee was charged to fans who wanted to take a picture with their favourite celebrity. Later all celebrities and myself went up on stage to show support, we even memorized a song to sing! . We then did our walk around the field. It was truly a night of inspirations as countless people went on stage to present speeches, slide shows and montages of the people in their lives who have passed on. Not forgetting what the this ocasion wasreally about , i felt saddness mingled with love and empowerment, it was a night to be remember .
Here's the song we sang..

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