Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey all

I've been doing a lot shoots lately , helping me build my port-folio and gain experience. I love modeling - always have and always will, taking a good picture is more then just standing in front of the camera looking pretty - it's really not as easy as people seem to think - learning angles, adapting to concepts - every garment is different that means a different looks,angle every time.
One of the most important shoots to date would be my official gown and swim-wear shoot - these pictures would be sent to Las Vegas as my initial profile pictures.

Official swim-wear shoot -

3 hours of sleep - Andrea , Mae,Michele (Photog), Vlee(Acutabove),Kelly(Make-up artist) and myself crawled into Andrea's Enormous Estima and headed out to Port Dickson at 7AM!

(now bear in mind Andrea, Mae,Kelly and myself attended the Sex and the City2 premier the night before )

We drove up to the beautiful Thistle Hotel - located right at the beach front, it is definitely a place i will return to - comfortable , homey and luxurious with wide open spaces. We were graciously given the 'Honey moon' suite to get ready and relax in. It was down to hair n make-up, concepts and styling - then we marched off to the beach - public looking at us very curiously... lol

Here's some pictures of the our preparation/behind the scenes footage ...

Mae showing me how it's really / Vlee trying to work sexy curls with my hair
Done!! ;D

I can honestly say we worked from dawn till dusk.. Whole day in the sun, sprawled all over the beach, i had 8 different changes/make-up. Andrea played the protective mother hen constantly chasing on-lookers away - lol .. It was the first time doing a swim shoot - needless to say i was nervous and self conscious but Andrea and the team help make me comfortable, encouraging me - i hope i made you all proud!!
when i woke up the next morning i didn't know my body could ache in so many places.. i used muscles i didn't know i had.. felt like i got slammed by a Bus!
Check out the final results-

If your wondering why my skin is so evenly toned and smooth it's all thanks to Good To Glow! -Andrea said - u need a tan - I said - really?? but I'm so brown?!
Did it anyway and i have to say it's not just for people who want to be darker, it help even me out all over - due to sun exposure my arms and legs were darker then my body and face.

Gown shoot
My Official gown shoot was in Studio Rom(where the final 18 had our swim/gown shoots). It was pretty much a whole day event changing make-up/hair and gowns.
Vlee (A Cut Above) doing Hair - I swear he teased my hair till i was nearly bald!
Mei Ling on Make-up - special thanks to Xpression Master
Gowns - Melinda Looi/Anneff
Jewelry - Elegance Club

And the final results ...

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