Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey all

I've been doing a lot shoots lately , helping me build my port-folio and gain experience. I love modeling - always have and always will, taking a good picture is more then just standing in front of the camera looking pretty - it's really not as easy as people seem to think - learning angles, adapting to concepts - every garment is different that means a different looks,angle every time.
One of the most important shoots to date would be my official gown and swim-wear shoot - these pictures would be sent to Las Vegas as my initial profile pictures.

Official swim-wear shoot -

3 hours of sleep - Andrea , Mae,Michele (Photog), Vlee(Acutabove),Kelly(Make-up artist) and myself crawled into Andrea's Enormous Estima and headed out to Port Dickson at 7AM!

(now bear in mind Andrea, Mae,Kelly and myself attended the Sex and the City2 premier the night before )

We drove up to the beautiful Thistle Hotel - located right at the beach front, it is definitely a place i will return to - comfortable , homey and luxurious with wide open spaces. We were graciously given the 'Honey moon' suite to get ready and relax in. It was down to hair n make-up, concepts and styling - then we marched off to the beach - public looking at us very curiously... lol

Here's some pictures of the our preparation/behind the scenes footage ...

Mae showing me how it's really / Vlee trying to work sexy curls with my hair
Done!! ;D

I can honestly say we worked from dawn till dusk.. Whole day in the sun, sprawled all over the beach, i had 8 different changes/make-up. Andrea played the protective mother hen constantly chasing on-lookers away - lol .. It was the first time doing a swim shoot - needless to say i was nervous and self conscious but Andrea and the team help make me comfortable, encouraging me - i hope i made you all proud!!
when i woke up the next morning i didn't know my body could ache in so many places.. i used muscles i didn't know i had.. felt like i got slammed by a Bus!
Check out the final results-

If your wondering why my skin is so evenly toned and smooth it's all thanks to Good To Glow! -Andrea said - u need a tan - I said - really?? but I'm so brown?!
Did it anyway and i have to say it's not just for people who want to be darker, it help even me out all over - due to sun exposure my arms and legs were darker then my body and face.

Gown shoot
My Official gown shoot was in Studio Rom(where the final 18 had our swim/gown shoots). It was pretty much a whole day event changing make-up/hair and gowns.
Vlee (A Cut Above) doing Hair - I swear he teased my hair till i was nearly bald!
Mei Ling on Make-up - special thanks to Xpression Master
Gowns - Melinda Looi/Anneff
Jewelry - Elegance Club

And the final results ...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relay for Life..

Whats been keeping me busy...

Winning the tittle of Miss Universe Malaysia is no free ride, my crowning was just step one - as Andrea put it(this is only the beginning) and she was right - Charity shows, appearances, shoots, interviews, beauty regiment as well as Miss Universe training I've been up and about testing life on this new ground. A little recap of some of the things I've been up to,

Relay for Life - National Cancer society

Every year the National Cancer society holds a relay for build awareness, remember and honour those who have passed as well as lending support and encouragement to those currently suffering this lethal sickness. Cancer and Tumours run in my family so this cause hits close to home. I myself have lost family as well as seen some fight courageously though it and now live to tell their story.

Dato Yasmin Yusuff who lost a dear friend to cancer decided 2 years ago to start a new concept - celebrities give back to help raise money and awareness for this cause. She invited me to join this year and i couldn't be happier, so off i went with my parents in tow to the bukit jalil stadium - now bear in mind it was the open field and it had rained cats and dogs the entire day, by the time i got there i was greeted with mud mud and more mud. lol. My mother being a clean/neat freak was trying to tippy toe her way across the field, i don't need to say she was unsuccessful sucumming my dad and i to fits of laughter.

we sold souvenirs , blinking lights of all sorts and a small fee was charged to fans who wanted to take a picture with their favourite celebrity. Later all celebrities and myself went up on stage to show support, we even memorized a song to sing! . We then did our walk around the field. It was truly a night of inspirations as countless people went on stage to present speeches, slide shows and montages of the people in their lives who have passed on. Not forgetting what the this ocasion wasreally about , i felt saddness mingled with love and empowerment, it was a night to be remember .
Here's the song we sang..

Jovian Mandagie

How i met Jovian Mandagie ...

Jovian – I met jovian as a student a few years ago in Limkokwing University where he was studying Fashion Design. I first started modelling in Limokowing, my 1st ever shoot was with Jovian , We modelled together for an edgy – fierce shoot that Limkokwing is ever so famous for. I was nervous,uncoordinated and still very fresh. I remember Jovian being friendly and sweet helping me pose teaching me a different angles. I later did a few uni shows with and for him, at the time i must say his designs were still very fresh and wild and had not fully taken of the elegance and grace he has now blossomed into. He finish in course,left Limkokwing University and we lost touch.I later heard from the great vine that he was off doing amazing things, making it big in the real world. About a year ago after i returned from London i went to Bangsar to meet a client and fellow designer Shaila Nair, turning out from her boutique i was face first looking at an amazing enormous glass building with the words JOVIAN MANDAGIE. I screamed in the car , my colleague looking at me like i had temporary insanity! I couldn't’t believe it – He made it and i couldn't’t be happier.

After winning Miss Universe Malaysia i kept hearing Andrea talk about her wedding planner and friend so one day i went with her - LO AND BEHOLD we drove up to Jovian’s boutique! Seeing him make me so happy – coming into this industry i have to start from scratch, getting to know everyone, learning to be comfortable with people i’ve never met before can sometimes be difficult – it helps to have a familiar face around.
Jovian has an amazing team working with him, a working environment i can only describe as cosy and loving with mutual respect.
Jovian- you have been so supportive of me and i thank you for everything.

I've had the pleasure of modeling 2 shows for Jovian -

1st - a private show with Jovian Mandagie and Jimmy Choo
Held in the beautiful 2 story suite at the Hilton KL - Tinie,Honey and i showed off Jovians designs to an elite group of guest and clients

being around so many Jimmy Choo's were difficult - i kept picturing myself running off with them-hair flying running down the emergency exit- hotel security in tow - Last thing we all need though was my mug shot up in the papers ;)

2nd show.
This time i modeled with some of the most famous models in the industry - no pressure right!

If that wasn't enough we were modelling for the queen!
Some of the most colourful people I've ever met, they made my day,joking and laughing non stop.. every moment was enjoyable.



Oh ma Goshhh...

Hey all,

I'm an RnB/Hip hop lover - growing up i had my pop (Spice Girls) faze that gradually gravitated to musicians like Mariah, B.I.G,Boyz to men,Bone thugs and of course the very talented Usher, i picked up his music at he beginning of high school so when i found out he was coming down to KL i was ECSTATIC !!!
Here's some pics and videos i took on stealth mode - had a bit of an argument with the RELA taking care of VIP - No recording, no camera, no standing?? they asked me to sit through the entire concert??? seriously!?! lets just say we had a very different opinion on how to enjoy Usher live... ;)

These are 2 of my favourite Usher songs - brings me back to my high school days when life was ever so carefree. I'm saying this as if I'm uber old. :p

This is for usher fans who want to reminisce and for those who don't know these songs ENJOY!


Friday, July 16, 2010

A New Beginning...

Hey Everyone!!

Soo... I've started a new blog in blogspot to replace my old one in Word press, for those of you that don't know me here's a quick recap - nice,sweet and simple!
I'm a city girl, born and raise in KL, I'm quite the Malaysian Rojak -Indian, Chinese and English blood run through me, muhibah? :) Growing up in a mixed family can sometimes be difficult but my loving parents have always supported their (Sometimes too liberal/ unconventional) daughter. I Studied in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where i first started to build my modelling career, i then ended up working there in the corporate office of Tan Sri Limkokwing where i coordinated events and talents. Anyone working in this field understands when i say life was extremely hectic, countless hours in the office,eye bags,bad eating habits and constant rushing of proposals, however.... it was always exciting and gratifying seeing our hard work come to life. I had a strong team of Friends with me - they made work so much easier (who ever said you can't work with friends!)
Now life took an unexpected turn when i entered a 'little' competition - Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 . Got into the finals and eventually won! Since then my life has been going through the washer, into the dryer being spun 360 degrees over and over again... ;D Who ever though this ugly duckling could now help influence, encourage others.

Back to today.. I'm currently house bound -i Recently did a chemical skin treatment at Calvin Chan Aesthetic and laser. Basically it takes off a layer of my skin eventually giving me clear,rosy and scar free complexion.I'm currently hiding in the deepest, darkest corners of my house blogging as I'm shedding like a snake. hahahaha Part of my training as Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 is undergoing skin and laser hair removal treatments - I'm half Indian and that equals= ( alot of very stubborn hair) needless to say i now have an iron threshold of pain!
Growing up i have severe acne and for the longest time,i never thought I'd be able to leave the house without an ounce of make-up, i had low self-esteem and low confidence which i am now trying to build back up, To the ladies growing up who have side/weight/height/skin issues believe this once gawky/awkward/big boned girl you can always be groomed, it's whats inside that really counts.
I never thought of myself as much of a blogger as I'm very private about my life and the people in it,however I'm trying new things and embracing life - I've now decided it's good to document my life bit by bit as i journey on this new adventure ! Stay Tuned!!!

Love always
Dine xxx
P.S - Check out my old blog and read not only the start of my journey but the journey of the other 17 finalist as we went through the process of competing for the tittle. I was blessed to have met such strong women that I'm proud to say are still my friends today.