Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh ma Goshhh...

Hey all,

I'm an RnB/Hip hop lover - growing up i had my pop (Spice Girls) faze that gradually gravitated to musicians like Mariah, B.I.G,Boyz to men,Bone thugs and of course the very talented Usher, i picked up his music at he beginning of high school so when i found out he was coming down to KL i was ECSTATIC !!!
Here's some pics and videos i took on stealth mode - had a bit of an argument with the RELA taking care of VIP - No recording, no camera, no standing?? they asked me to sit through the entire concert??? seriously!?! lets just say we had a very different opinion on how to enjoy Usher live... ;)

These are 2 of my favourite Usher songs - brings me back to my high school days when life was ever so carefree. I'm saying this as if I'm uber old. :p

This is for usher fans who want to reminisce and for those who don't know these songs ENJOY!


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