Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been a bad girl-

Dear ALL,

I've lost track of the last time i blogged, i kept telling myself it wasn't that long but when i look at my last post and see JULY!!! I Can't help but think REALLY!?! It's been that long?? Is it just me or does time fly the older you get? When i was a kid a year seemed like an eternity. On a happier note if time's flying i must be busy right? :)
So yes i've been bad - i hope it's not too late to start up again so here goes -

Alot has happen since i have last written, I went to Las Vegas for the Miss Universe Finals, had a whirlwind experience, It was Pressure, intensity, events, great food, constant photo-shoots, constant laughter, tightest security i've ever experience(i felt like i was carrying gold bricks), constant colourful personalities all meshed into 3 and a half insane weeks. Along the way i made some very good friends.
You can check out the pictures on my Facebook Fan Page.

Here are some pics, If i uploaded all of them it would not fit in my blog. lol

After Pageant was done i flew off to New york for a week where i stood in the middle of time square and took in the sights, went for some broadway shows, had New York's famous hotdogs, experience New York's busy never ending Life of people and had more burgers then i bargained for (Never in my life have i craved for Home cooked Nyonya food so badly) - All in all it was a time to remember.