Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jovian Mandagie

How i met Jovian Mandagie ...

Jovian – I met jovian as a student a few years ago in Limkokwing University where he was studying Fashion Design. I first started modelling in Limokowing, my 1st ever shoot was with Jovian , We modelled together for an edgy – fierce shoot that Limkokwing is ever so famous for. I was nervous,uncoordinated and still very fresh. I remember Jovian being friendly and sweet helping me pose teaching me a different angles. I later did a few uni shows with and for him, at the time i must say his designs were still very fresh and wild and had not fully taken of the elegance and grace he has now blossomed into. He finish in course,left Limkokwing University and we lost touch.I later heard from the great vine that he was off doing amazing things, making it big in the real world. About a year ago after i returned from London i went to Bangsar to meet a client and fellow designer Shaila Nair, turning out from her boutique i was face first looking at an amazing enormous glass building with the words JOVIAN MANDAGIE. I screamed in the car , my colleague looking at me like i had temporary insanity! I couldn't’t believe it – He made it and i couldn't’t be happier.

After winning Miss Universe Malaysia i kept hearing Andrea talk about her wedding planner and friend so one day i went with her - LO AND BEHOLD we drove up to Jovian’s boutique! Seeing him make me so happy – coming into this industry i have to start from scratch, getting to know everyone, learning to be comfortable with people i’ve never met before can sometimes be difficult – it helps to have a familiar face around.
Jovian has an amazing team working with him, a working environment i can only describe as cosy and loving with mutual respect.
Jovian- you have been so supportive of me and i thank you for everything.

I've had the pleasure of modeling 2 shows for Jovian -

1st - a private show with Jovian Mandagie and Jimmy Choo
Held in the beautiful 2 story suite at the Hilton KL - Tinie,Honey and i showed off Jovians designs to an elite group of guest and clients

being around so many Jimmy Choo's were difficult - i kept picturing myself running off with them-hair flying running down the emergency exit- hotel security in tow - Last thing we all need though was my mug shot up in the papers ;)

2nd show.
This time i modeled with some of the most famous models in the industry - no pressure right!

If that wasn't enough we were modelling for the queen!
Some of the most colourful people I've ever met, they made my day,joking and laughing non stop.. every moment was enjoyable.



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